• Distributed Workforce Strategy

    The future of work is remote, it's distributed!

    What is Distributed Workforce?


    According to Wikipedia, the definition of distributed workforce is a workforce that reaches beyond the restrictions of a traditional office environment.

    A distributed workforce is dispersed geographically over a wide area – domestically or internationally. By installing key technologies, distributed companies enable employees located anywhere to access all of the company's resources and software such as applications, data and e-mail without working within the confines of a physical company-operated facility.

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    Businesses of every shape and size are adopting more flexible work environments — from working from home policies to flex time to compressed work schedules. Millennials are all but demanding greater flexibility. 70% of employees say going into the office isn’t necessary. This strong preference has created a ripe breeding ground for distributed work. Employees aren’t just wanting to work more flexible hours or work from home. Entire companies have taken flexible work to the max and become fully distributed. 23% of remote workers now say their organization is fully distributed.


    At Inner City Offices, we are a strong believer that this is the future of work and we can help you start this journey in transforming your organisation into adopting a remote working model as part of a distribution workforce strategy. On top of providing you with the physical workspace, we help you customise your HR policy for remote working that will work for your organisation. Having in mind that workplace technology tools is one of the key success factor, we will also design the technlogy stack that will work for your customised distributed workforce strategy.


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